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The right update is a site where we share biography, song and make review on men of God

we share gospel songs, Christian movies, messages and church gist 

our aim is to uplift souls and giving hope to the hopeless

we are in a perverse generation how where people that don’t want to serve God prevent others who want to serve God. we see things on WhatsApp status and Facebook story that brings that sexual urge the number one sin the devil is using to track people down in  our generation. 

We can’t avoid the social media but we can chose what we see in them

we have created this platform to always remind us our ultimate goal on earth ( to make heaven). in our everyday Christian activities, where we get entrained through the word of God

  been born again is one thing and staying born again is another thing,  that’s why the Bible urges us to gather with one another

walking and moving with people of the same Goal helps you achieve your Goal and our Goal is to make heaven 

we have created a gospel blog which is based on gospel entertainment in the the gospel ways


 which we gain and hear the word of God through our site from many men of God 

the right update, the only right update is the update about christ and the church 

We share spiritual songs from great men of God like pst Lawrence oyor, theophillus Sunday and many more

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