How To Set Up Face ID For Your Iphone – The Right Tech Quick Q & A 2021

Q. How to set up face ID for my Iphone

A. Its very easy just in 5 steps.


  1. Go to settings and locate “Face ID & Passcode”.
  2. Tap “Set Up Face ID”.
  3. Position your face in the frame and begin to move you face gently.
  4. Once you are done, tap “Continue” and repeat step 3 for further verification and accuracy.
  5. Tap “Done”.

And thats it, you can use this feature to do a lot of things like unlocking your Iphone. Once you on your Iphone, it detects your face, you either swipe up to unlock, or use the “raise to wake” feature. This also works for your Ipad and IOS devices.

How To Set Up Face ID

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For more Information on Face ID we recommend checking this post from apple.

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